1.Explain the meaning of the phrase “ Mysterious exaltation of

1.Explain the meaning of the phrase “ Mysterious exaltation of the will to live” is pleasure and any injury to the “will to live” is pain. What does that remind you of?

2.What is the meaning of the phrase “The clear conscience is the invention of the devil”? – and what are the implications for us following ethical systems? ( He also calls it a “quiet conscience” )

3.Please write a 200 word response to what you have learned about Albert Schweitzer and BioCentrism. Please try hard not to regurgitate the reading, the video or the slides. The goal is to have a firm grasp of the central aspects of Biocentrism and to be able to use his thinking to make rational ethical decisions.

answer separately 

Case Study Prep # 4

Please follow the guidelines to the Case Study Prep as outlined in Module 1. You have basically one page – 200 to 250 words – to write your overview, bullets and to seeking to apply Utilitarian Ethics & Kantian Ethics & Ecofeminist Ethics & Biocentric Ethics to the cases. It is probably best to write to two separate responses with the title of the case at the start of each of your responses.

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