300 words minimum. Please try to talk a little about

 300 words minimum. Please try to talk a little about everything

Your postings are your reactions and educated opinions, NOT merely a retelling of the historical event.

1) Read the provided YAWP readings.

 Solomon Northup Describes a Slave Market, 1841 | The American Yawp Reader 

 Nat Turner explains the Southampton rebellion, 1831 | The American Yawp Reader 

2) Read ALL of Chapter 12 of the US History online text. (Attached below)

3) Review the videos provided. 

 Slavery and Freedom—American Passages: A Literary Survey – Video – Films On Demand (oclc.org) 

 The Age of Slavery (1800-1860): The African Americans—Many Rivers to Cross – Video – Films On Demand (oclc.org) 

4) Read the article provided.

 Maryland Gazette Runaway Slave Advertisement, August 20, 1761 · George Washington’s Mount Vernon 

 Why Bibles Given to Slaves Omitted Most of the Old Testament – HISTORY 

5) Review the Slave Rebellions presentation. (Attached below)

Prepare an original discussion post that follows the “IDCQ + Curiosity” framework:
1. Important – What do you think is the most important thing to remember from the assigned sources? Why? What struck you about it? Be specific.
2. Disagree – With which ideas do you disagree? Why? What struck you about it? Be specific.
3. Connection – What connection did you make with your current or past experience or from events discussed in this class? Be specific.
4. Question – What questions arose while you were going through the assigned resources? Be specific. 

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