A developmentally appropriate one-week instructional unit in the math

Plan a developmentally appropriate one-week instructional unit in the math content area, focusing on one age/grade level from birth to age 8/Grade 3. You will write a unit plan that will drive the instruction and content of your unit. The unit must include the following components: 

.1 Unit plan: Provide a unit title, unit focus (content area: math and the appropriate early childhood age/grade level), and unit objectives. Write a narrative that discusses the following steps in the development of the unit:  .a Summary of how the content of the unit is appropriate for the age/grade level chosen .b How specific learning needs will be addressed throughout the unit .c Current learning theories that influenced instructional decisions in your plan .d Strategies for children’s motivation and engagement that will be utilized in the unit  .e How formative and summative assessment will be used to plan, evaluate and strengthen instruction and will promote continuous learning .f How children’s families could be involved in each lesson (i.e., the “family connection” in each lesson). Be sure to reflect families’ language differences and cultural and/or ethnic diversity. .

2 Prepare an annotated bibliography according to APA guidelines. Resources must be aligned with and support unit objectives. Include the following in your bibliography: )1 3-5 fiction and non-fiction trade books )2 2-3 resources for parents to support children’s learning objectives (e.g., websites, books) )

3 1-2 references for teachers and parents about community resources .3 Five developmentally appropriate lesson plans that include each of the following elements:  .a Objectives that meet the following requirements: )1 Reflect various levels of thinking, including Bloom’s Taxonomy or Depth of Knowledge )2 Specific, measurable, and observable )3 State what children should know and be able to do )4 Align to NAEYC and/or state age/grade-level/academic standards (Florida State Standards) )5 Age/Grade-level and content-area appropriate .b A list of materials used i

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