ADV 442 Individual assignment #2: Create segments to compare site

The purpose of this assignment is to demonstrate that you have an understanding of the basics in Google Analytics. Please answer each of the following questions below. Some answers require that you paste a screenshot into this document. If you do not know how to take a screenshot on your computer, use a search engine to search for “screen shot TYPE OF COMPUTER (EG “MAC”). All questions ask you to use the data from the Google Merchandise Store.


Note: This is an individual assignment. You should not work with anyone else in your class on this assignment. You should feel free to use Google to figure out how to complete these tasks. Consult the Analytics Academy training videos… or use Google search to find advice online. Part of the learning process for web analytics is learning to find resources to support you in new tasks.


In February 2019, how many total sessions did the Google Store have? What was the proportion of new vs. returning users? How do these numbers compare to February 2016? Paste in a screenshot of the line graph showing a comparison of the daily number of sessions in Feb. 2019 compared to Feb. 2016.

What were the top three specific sources of traffic for the Google Store in all of 2017? Using the default channel grouping, calculate what percent of total sessions that came from social in 2017. In your opinion, which channel of traffic was the most valuable in 2017? How did you arrive at this decision?

You are meeting with the webmaster, and you want to give her advice about which pages need some improvements in order to improve user experience. Looking just at data from January and February of 2019, what three pages are you most concerned about? Why? What analyses led you to this opinion? (Conduct at least three distinct analyses)

What is segmentation in Google Analytics and why is it important? Give an example of how (a) user segmentation can be used and an example of how (b) behavior segmentation can be used to better understand your site traffic.

Create segments to compare site visitors that arrive via Facebook compared to visitors that arrive from YouTube. Note: We did not do this in the in-class exercise. You’ll want to search the Internet to find a way to complete this task. 

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