Analyze and discuss the strategy issues most relevant for the

Description Choose a specific country to talk about. Choosing any existing international or global company, and using the outline below, the student will have to analyze the international marketing strategies the company uses when adjusting its products and/or services to the different international markets where it operates. It is important to focus on the Marketing Mix and Extended/Service Marketing Mix Concept (4Ps + 4) and simultaneously contrast the adaptations required from the Headquarter location marketing mix strategy including. Paper Format: 3 Sections 1. Company and Product Overview: • Company name, headquarter location, industry, main products • Company summary: provide a very short summary of relevant information. For example: number of locations internationally (# countries, # outlets, etc.) industry, primary distribution channels, years in business, revenue, # employees, etc. 2. SWOT Analysis Summary Chart a. Provide only the main 2-3 items for each category: Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, Threats 3. Uncontrollable elements: Foreign and Domestic environment elements a. PESTEL b. Competitive Analysis: main foreign competitors similar to or different than headquarter location. 4. Controllable elements and Strategies: Marketing Mix (4Ps+4) a. Product b. Price c. Place d. Promotion e. People f. Process g. Physical Environment h. Productivity and Quality

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