Article Analysis: Critical Analysis- Have economic concepts been

Compose the essay based on the questions below in reference to a business-related article. I chose this article (copy and paste article to view): However, feel free to choose an article that you think is best suited. But it must be a business-related article, something that can be used to answer the questions below. There are 3 sections of questions:

SECTION A 1. Why was The Article Written?- Is the key event identified? 2. Main Idea- Is the main thesis of the article stated? 3. Supporting Evidence- Is there evidence of facts, opinions, and arguments that support the author’s story?

SECTION B 1. Identification- Have economic concepts been identified? 2. Critical Analysis- Have economic concepts been applied to the article? – Have the potential effects on the economy been analyzed? – Have any facts/arguments presented to support the economic concept been identified and analyzed? – Have errors or omissions in the concepts on behalf of the author been identified? 3. Supporting Diagrams?- Have charts, diagrams, illustrations found in the article been identified and outlined? – Were additional charts/diagrams/illustrations used to enhance the article? Are they properly labeled? Have they been referenced?

SECTION C 1. Evidence of Bias?- Is the writer a reporter?, a columnist?, an editor?, an independent writer? Is the article from a wire service? – Does the author’s perspective slant the story? Is there bias in the reporting? Are all sides in the story given equal treatment and space? – Was critical information omitted or interpreted in a biased fashion? 2. Your Opinion- Student’s thoughts about the issue expressed in the article? Do you agree or disagree with the views or proposals? Why? Were alternatives suggested?

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