As the storage capacity and power of database servers improves by

 You have to talk about how data has become a raw material today and how it is necessary for corporations to use it to their advantage. Explain why. Explain how the massive potential of data has taken competition on a new level which makes it harder for those not relying on technology to function optimally. Talk about how the access to data analytics is something that is both affordable and convenient for those seeking better ways for engagement. The following parameters are to be considered while crafting the essay: Main Idea: The paper is focused, conveys the main idea, and meets the requirements for the subject. The paper shows a clear sense of purpose. Well Organized: The paper is clearly developed; transitions are clear from sentence to sentence and paragraph to paragraph. The statements in the paper demonstrate a logic leading to an understanding and appreciation of the goal of the paper. Support: The writer provides specific, concrete, and appropriate information from personal experience, published literature, interviewing, experiments, or other sources. The paper is well developed with examples, details, illustrations, etc. Style: Sentences are varied and word choices are accurate. There is an absence of “clutter” or “padding.” Phrasing is clear and direct. Sentence structure and word choices are appropriate for professional writing. Mechanics: Punctuation, grammar, spelling, and aspects of format are handled correctly. The writer has prepared the paper carefully with attention to appearance and other details. Organization of the paper contributes to the sense of purpose, focus, and unity of the piece of writing.

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