As we head into viral season, this year we are


As we head into viral season, this year we are being hit with flu and Respiratory Syncytial Virus Infection (RSV) at record numbers in pediatrics. 

1.What is the most up to date research on the management of RSV? Do we use nebulized treatments for all children? If so, do we use hypertonic saline or albuterol? What other techniques can help with alleviation of symptoms in RSV? What recommendations would you discuss with parents?

2. What are the most up today recommendations for treatment of influenza in pediatrics? What is the dosing for Tamiflu? Which children are at high risk? What complications can be seen with influenza?

Instructions: Providing supportive evidence with correct APA citation and Your evidence should be scholarly articles, professional websites, research studies, and or books that provide supportive evidence in the last 5 years.

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