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YOU ARE NOT CREATING A MODEL – YOU ARE COMMUNICATING HOW YOU WOULD TACKLE A PROBLEM USING THE ANALYTICS STEPS LISTED IN THE “FINAL PROJECT” DOCUMENT. THIS IS THEORY-BASED.1. Watch the video: Watch the video to write a case study/report: Choose a case study either from page 2 of the attached “CASE STUDY” document or another case study found on the web regarding Sports Analytics (i.e how Analytics is used in Physical Therapy, see Exercise Analytics).  You should look for applications where you can apply analytics and machine learning knowledge to improve some aspects of the Sports data lifecycle (see the Introduction to Sports Analytics course). Feel free to speak with me to talk through your idea if you pull it from the Internet or another class. other ideas: Create a solid project on how sports analytics is used in your specific use case. You should speak to “How data science is applied in the broad field of Sports.”Data: a. You can create fake data in Excel (we create fake data in class at times to understand the topic we are discussing) and add it as a snapshot to the presentation.          b. You can take a screenshot of data on the web that supports how data is being used in your area. Look for, or think of examples from your use case that ties in topics of what you have learned in the class.5. Presentation should be presented in a Word document, PDF, or PPTX.6. two examples of student submissions are attached.7. Your work should be original else you will be penalized. You can reference articles/quotes but ensure the reader knows you’re referencing these quotes/articles. 

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