Baseball/Softball Sales

Pick and product/service and trace the supply chain requirements from source to consumer.

Consider the following:

1. Identify the ingredients: Find out where they are sourced.

2. Show physical movement of product from source to consumption

and/or return. Identify the means of transport where appropriate.

Produce an infographic of this supply chain process.

3. The sharing of information in the supply chain processes. Produce an

infographic of the information system employed by your company.

4. The financial consideration of all transactions. Produce an infographic

of the financial cash-to-cash cysle.

Content to be included:

1. Impact of promotion: trade and consumer

2. Pricing strategy and execution

3. Future developments/issues: Identify 3 key issues/challenges

impacting this product by the year 2016. Make specific recommendations on what steps you would take to respond to these developments.



History of company/product

• Product Ingredients

• Competition

• Supply Chain Strategy

• Infographic of product supply chain

• Infographic of information systems

• Infographic of financials (2 SLIDES)

– Pricing in the supply chain

– Pricing in the channels

• Promotional Activities

– Trade/Consumer

• Future Issues

• Recommendations



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