Choose a client population (e.g., women, men, a particular cultural


For this project you’ll choose a client population (e.g., women, men, a particular cultural group, people with disabilities, people with a particular sexual orientation, people from a particular religious or spiritual group, etc.) and research the following:

  • Unique career considerations of that group (i.e., career needs, challenges, etc.).
  • Examples of three career counselling services that would meet the needs of your target group. At least one service should be a career counselling setting in or close to your community and one should be an online service (the third example is your choice).
  • Your assessment of the three services you have chosen.


The results of your research should be written as an academic paper (i.e., introduction and conclusion, paragraphs with topic sentences, full sentences, proper APA in-text citations and reference page, etc.). Your paper will be 5 pages, written in 12-point font, double-spaced with one-inch margins. It should be written in an academic style, including a brief introductory paragraph (with a thesis/purpose statement) and a brief concluding paragraph. The body of your paper should be organized into paragraphs. Feel free to use subheadings if this helps you to organize your writing. Cite your sources using APA style (6th edition) and include a reference page formatted according to APA specifications. You are welcome to use other APA guidelines to format your paper if you wish (e.g., title page specification and running head on every page) but this is not required. For this introductory course, focus your attention on content, writing style, and correct citations.


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