Class Discussion #3 Before contributing to this discussion, be sure

Class Discussion #3

Before contributing to this discussion, be sure to complete the readings for this module.  At the same time, be sure to explicitly respond to each of the questions in your initial discussion post.  Further, you should check this class discussion throughout the week in order to respond to my discussion posts and those of other students.

Step 1: Watch the video on body suspension. General warning: the content within the video may be considered graphic to some folks, it has an R rating, there are images of body piercing. If you are very squeamish, you may elect to find a different video to review, which you must submit for approval. Like with other materials presented in this class, please approach this as a social scientist and use the tools and concepts that you have been learning about in the course reading to help you make sense of this subcultural phenomenon:

Step 2: Discuss your thoughts on the video. Try your best to link what you’ve seen to an idea, concept, or theory that you’ve learned about from your reading. I would like this discussion to be a bit more unstructured, meaning I’d like to see what you all have to say without me giving you specific questions to answer (beyond what is listed above). 

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