Community Health Program Evaluation

Each student will select a current health program that focuses on health promotion or disease prevention. You will evaluate this program utilizing the criteria listed below to gain an understanding of how the program is solving social and health problems it was designed to alleviate. Investigate the historical/social/economic/political factors that led to this program’s development and implementation. Evaluate how well the program meets its outcomes using the evaluation. You will be graded on grammar, APA, and presentation format. Slide 1- Introduction/Overview of program Slide 2- Assessment of Extent and Severity of the Problem Slide 3- Monitoring Program Outcomes, Determine if program resulted in desired change Slide 4- Document outcomes for Program Sustainability Slide 5- Accountability in Resources (funding) Slide 6- Revising Program Interventions Slide 7- Providing Information Slide 8- Reporting of Unintended Effects of Program Slide 9- Meeting Accreditation Requirements Slide 10- References in APA format

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