Feminist approaches to knowledge production

Feminist approaches to knowledge production and the question of scientific knowledge Students will be required to write short analysis papers, of 1000 words The short analysis paper should be structured around a core question, and focused on one (weekly) topic or reading of the course. The paper should summarize, discuss and critically analyze the assigned required text(s) for the chosen weekly topic. The papers must be submitted on the dates indicated. Students will use the assigned materials for that week in their papers, and are welcome to include outside credible and/or academic sources of their choice related to the week’s theme. Papers should reflect an engagement with the issues raised, present the student’s opinions on the debates surrounding the selected issue, and showcase an understanding and knowledge of reading materials. Rather than regurgitating the material in the readings, students are expected to demonstrate a level of independent and critical thinking, and analytical reflection on the themes addressed. The submissions will be graded for the evidence of the quality and depth of the student’s critical engagement with the texts, and coherence of argument presented. Papers must provide a clearly articulated question, thesis, a works cited page, and follow appropriate documentation guidelines

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