For your initial post this week, answer the questions below


For your initial post this week, answer the questions below either through a 2-paragraph summary (3-5 sentences minimum each paragraph), or you can simply number your responses.  Don’t forget to engage with at least 2 of your classmates in a meaningful way. Time to finish strong!

1. Thinking back to last module….Which psychological disorder discussed in Chapter 15 did you find most interesting and why? Please share with the class what you learned about the disorder (e.g., causes, symptoms, treatments, prevalence rates, gender/ethnic differences, etc..).

2. Which general type of therapy or specific therapeutic technique did you find most interesting this week (Chapter 16) and why?

3. What was your favorite topic of the entire semester and why?

4. How will you use the knowledge gained in this course either personally, academically, or professionally?

5. What advice would you give a future student enrolled in this course regarding how to succeed?

6.  If you have anything else to share with the class about your experiences this semester, please take this opportunity to do so!

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