How does this other text inform your reading of The Odyssey and to

Compare another text (written or visual) that references The Odyssey in a significant way (suggestions below). How does this other text inform your reading of The Odyssey and to what effect? Thinking of the two texts as a dialogue, analyze, interpret, and compare them.



Plan, draft, revise, and edit an original essay on the topic below. Your essay should be between 750 and 1,250 words, with the sweet spot being about 1,000. Your overall aim should be to exhaust your thesis in 3-5 pages of writing.

Your essay should reference a minimum of four sources and a maximum of six, including the two primary works that you are comparing. Secondary sources must be drawn from the general or scholarly categories. Tabloid or sensationalist sources are almost always inappropriate to college-level research, as are most tertiary sources.

Be sure to check your sources for reliability. Resources: The OWL (On-Line Writing Lab), sponsored by Purdue University, is the best on-line writing resource I know. It contains instructions in process, format, and examples. Use the left margin of the web site to navigate through the writing process, as needed, and to learn the MLA method. A few years ago they produced a series of short instructional videos on MLA format which are still relevant and helpful. Their sample paper is also a pretty good illustration of university-level expectations

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