describe the graph you selected from the video on

describe the graph you selected from the video on technology’s long tail including:

  • What does the graph show?
  • What values are on the y- and x-axis?
  • What is the overall pattern displayed on the graph?
  • Be sure to mention all key points on the graph as presented.
  • Write the two points you selected as ordered pairs and determine the slope between these two points. Be sure to show the math you used to compute the slope value.
  • Identify the y-intercept of the graph you selected. If you selected a reasonable value for the y-intercept, explain why you chose that value, and use it to write an equation for the line in y=mx+b form.
  • Interpret the slope as a rate of change and explain what this means in terms of change in both variables.
  • Make a prediction for the year 2025, on your graph, using the slope value as a rate of change, and explain whether or not you feel the prediction is reasonable. Explain why.

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