ignment #9 (IC) – CCE 201, Winter 2019 HW 4 Plan

Assignment #9 (IC) – CCE 201, Winter 2019 HW 4 Plan and Profile, 20 points Part A: Plan Drawing (10pts) Below is a plan view of a road and underground utilities. Using the information provided below, construct a plan and profile on ANSI B layout. Show all necessary information.


 Plan View accurately drawn and Plotted to scale 1” = 50’ on ANSI B (5 pts)  Border centered and drawing balanced on plot  Road right-of way = 36 feet (distance between continuouslines)  Road 42 feet away from the building footprint  Driveway – radius 15 feet  Text and Title Block – Text: Romans 0.125, all upper case and centered (1/2 pt)  Plotted in monochromatic (DWF) (1/2 pt)  Scaled dimensions: (1pt)  Dimensions horizontal  Units as shown on plot  Precision to nearest foot  Scaled leaders  Scaled Breaks at end of road (1/2 pt)  Scaled manhole symbols and trimmed inside (1/2pt)  Layers and Lines as specified below: (1 pt)  Graphic Scale Bars: (1 pt)

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