Japanese Cultural Research Project

include Specific examples where appropriate referencing the major parts of the Japanese cultural such as beliefs, values, heroes, stories, networks, rituals and symbols where appropriate. How would you use the information you gained if and when you are required to work with someone from this culture-use specific examples. 11 Major Cultural differences 1. Source of control: I’m controlled or I control 2. Collectivism or Individualism: Us first or Me first 3. Homogeneous or Heterogeneous: Tight ties or loose ties 4. Feminine or Masculine: Relationship first or Achievement first4. Feminine or Masculine: Relationship first or Achievement first 5. Rank-status: Class difference or Equality 6. Risk orientation: Security seeking or Risk taking 7. Decision making: Long term or short term 8. Time use: Circular multi task or Linear single task 9. Space use: Up close, Arms length, or Distance 10. Communication style: Indirect or Direct 11. Economic system: Agricultural, Industrial, Post-Industrial (dependent, independent, interdependent)

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