Music on Screen: Is the music providing information that is not

You will compose a critical essay about a song used on screen, chosen from a list of options posted on MyCourses. Your discussion must address this scene only. Drawing on the concepts we discuss throughout the term, your analysis must discuss the context of the song (e.g. genre, history, style), as well as provide an analysis of the lyrics and music and how it interacts with thevisuals on screen. You may want to begin the project by asking, why might this song have been chosen, how does it support or contradict the film content?

Is the music providing information that is not implied by the visuals? You will be assessed based on the depth of your analysis, the quality and clarity of your prose, your ability to engage with the knowledge and vocabulary acquired in class, as well as the originality of your work. Any and all uses of secondary material must be correctly cited; failure to do so will result in disciplinary action and a lowered grade.

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