(SOLVED) You assess your patient is moderately SOB at rest

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4. 9/23/2022- 0745 . You assess your patient is moderately SOB at rest. This is a new presentation.

A. What is your critical thinking as the why the patient's condition changed?

B. What actions would you take and why?

5. New Order: Convert patients IV to SL.

A. LIST the supplies you need to convert IV and flush the SL.

B. List SL procedure steps.

C. Do you need to wear gloves to flush a SL? Yes or No

D. If you meet resistance when you first attempt to push the saline flush, what would you check first?

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A. When a patient presents with new onset shortness of breath (SOB), it is crucial to determine the underlying cause of the symptoms. Possible reasons for the change in the patient's condition could include pulmonary embolism, heart failure, pneumothorax, asthma exacerbation, anaphylaxis, or pneumonia. Critical thinking should involve evaluating the patient's medical history, current medications, allergies, vital signs, oxygen saturation, and lung sounds to identify potential triggers for the SOB.

B. If a patient is experiencing moderate SOB at rest, immediate actions should be taken to improve their respiratory status. These may include providing supplemental oxygen, assessing their lung sounds, and obtaining vital signs. The underlying cause of the SOB should be further evaluated by obtaining a detailed medical history, performing a physical examination, and ordering appropriate diagnostic tests. Referral to a specialist may also be necessary.