Part A. 300 words each with 1 reference each, 600

 Part A. 300 words each with 1 reference each, 600 words total 

1. Analyze the role of the market in addressing workforce shortages, including projections for the physician market and monopsony model for the market for nurses. 

2. Describe the difference between cost-saving and cost-increasing technology-based innovations. Provide an example of each and analyze why a cost-increasing innovation would continue to be used.

Part B. PowerPoint presentation of 12-15 slides

The purpose of this assignment is to use health care economics to assist in developing a financial plan to support the viability of your health care organization.

Imagine that your CFO has asked you to present a high-level financial overview to the other administrators using the information found in the organization’s annual report found in the study material, “Unity Health Care 2017 Annual Report” – report attached. 

Prepare a PowerPoint presentation of 12 slides + title and reference slides = 14 slides, that includes the following: Each slide must have include detailed notes on the bottom.

1. Where does the company stand financially?

2. How do the components of the health care finance system interact to provide the results you are given? 

3. Discuss the short-run and long-run costs of production. How do they fit into your overview?

4. Include a supply curve on one of your slides. Discuss how you determined which factors affected the position of the supply curve.

5. Develop a financial plan to support the viability of your organization.

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