Radiotherapy radiation dose changes due to lung inhomogeneity density

Description Introduction : Briefly discuss lung cancer and its treatment with radiotherapy include relevance of small field SABR treatments to this study. Describe the aims of the study Try and describe one or two hypothesis to be tested Literature Review: Lung Cancer and its treatment with RT and SABR more detail Density changes in lung, ie what can effect the lung density breathing and population variation (see Van Dyk) Correction Based lung dose correction methods Summarise the process of LED and discuss how this requires a method that accounts for this (ie Convolution) Convolution Methods The mathematical fomalism Superposition (eg Mackie) Collapsed Cone (eg. Ahnesjo) Summarise papers that show improved accuracy of convolution in lung in regions of (lateral electron disequilibrium (LED) Literature that compares Convolution with Monte Carlo methods. Papers that show lung Phantoms and dosimeters (eg ionization chambers) used to check convolution calculations under linear accelerators.

#Radiotherapy #radiation #dose #due #lung #inhomogeneity #density

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