Scope of Practice Assignment Florida Family Nurse Practitioner

The Scope of Practice Assignment is not about what “I” will do as an NP (that’s the Professional Plan Assignment). It is about what NP’s as a whole & as a profession, are able to do within our wide range of our legal scope of practice, and our obligations to the public that we serve within that practice scope. Therefore, what you’ll need to do , is to RESEARCH this information by logging unto the Fl. Board of Nursing, or AACN, or ANCC, or ANA’s site, or any other informational sites that speak to the scope of our APN practice. Sites such as the following may be helpful as a start: You can also write about any of the essentials of Advanced Nursing Practice that are important ties to our scope of practice (hers’s a helpful link that you can navigate: And/or you can make a statement regarding our legal obligations, as well as to the ethical obligations that we have as APN in our practice scope. If done right, this assignment is usually 3-5 paragraphs, roughly 1, no more than 1.5 pages + cover page & reference. **Don’t forget, as per APA, you must site your source(s) used: i.e. reference(s), or it’s considered plagiarism. Scope of Practice Statement Your scope of practice is unique to you. As a Nurse Practitioner, your scope of practice must include the community and specialty that you practice within, and the parameters of your practice. To put it simply a scope of practice is what you do as a nurse practitioner, who you practice with, and how you go about implementing your clinical practice skills. Many nurses applying for endorsement as a nurse practitioner find this the most difficult to write. While it may be difficult to get started, once you have started this assignment you will find, as others have, that this is an opportunity to really think about your nursing practice, and reflect on the skills you have and the care that you will provide. A useful place to start is to read about the scopes of practice in the literature.

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