Social Media and Globalization

 This paper should answer the following questions: What is the relationship between social media and globalization? How has social media changed the way that social/political movements operate? Who benefits from social media use, and who doesn’t? Step 1 Search the MSU library webpage for peer-reviewed journal articles on this topic. Choose at least two relevant articles to use as sources. It would be helpful if at least one of them is a case study about social media and globalization, so that you can give specific examples to support the points you make in your paper. Step 2 Organize your work into an outline that follows this general format. Use real titles for the paper and Key Ideas, as in the examples provided below. Each Key Idea section should be clearly tied to your scholarly/quality sources. Working Title (Ex. Social Media and the Arab Spring) I. Introduction [overview of your topic, and a general preview of things to come] II. Key Idea 1 (Ex. Social Media and Globalization) III. Key Idea 2 (Ex. Social Media and Political Organization in the Arab Gulf) IV. Key Idea 3 (Ex. People Create Change, Not Technology) V. Conclusion (summary of key ideas that you discussed above, any concluding thoughts) REFERENCES Step 3 Write your paper following your outline, being sure to use good paragraph formatting and to proofread for spelling and grammar. Cite everything correctly using in-text citations with complete references at the end. All sources need to be cited in-text, not just quotes. [See the Citation folder under Course Documents for help with this bit.] Carefully review all directions here and the grading rubric to be sure you’ve met all requirements. Step 4 Turn in your paper as a Word document or Rich Text file by clicking on the Short Paper 1 link. It will take you to a screen where you can attach your paper. Grading Criteria (rubric, short form) Follow the above directions regarding Topic and Analysis. Sources. You must use at least two peer-reviewed journal articles, in addition to any other quality sources Write well. You should organize your paper using an outline into the sections given above. Your paper should be written in paragraphs that are at least 4-5 sentences and contain a complete thought. Writing, spelling, and grammar errors should be minimal. Length. Your paper should be approximately 5 pages, double-spaced in Times New Roman 12 point font (or Calibri 11 point font). Length does not include any cover page, images, or references. Citation. Cite your materials thoroughly and correctly. Your paper should use author-date in-text parenthetical citations, and have a complete reference list at the end. These should be ASA style.

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