Strategic Purchasing & Supplier Management

Select no more than three from the following topics and draw on the academic literature (i.e. concepts, theories, frameworks) and case study evidence from no more than two organisations to critically evaluate the important factors which underpin effective source decision making in purchasing and supply chain management.


Topics include:

Supply chain orientation





Cross cultural relationships and trust



Present your findings using the suggested report structure:

  • Title Page
  • Executive Summary
  • Contents Page
  • Introduction
  • Findings (Literature Review and Case Findings)
  • Discussion/ Analysis
  • Recommendations/Conclusions
  • Appendix
  • References




Ateş, et al., 2015. An exploratory analysis of supply base structure: the relationship between purchase category strategies and supply base structure. Journal of Purchasing and Supply Management. 21 (3), pp. 204–215.


Ateş, et al., 2018. The impact of purchasing strategy-structure (mis) fit on purchasing cost and innovation performance. Journal of Purchasing and Supply Management24(1), pp.68-82.


Baier, et al., 2008. Strategic alignment and purchasing efficacy: an exploratory analysis of their impact on financial performance. Journal of Supply Chain Management. 44 (4), pp. 36–52.

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