WalMart Case Study: Does Walmart have a competitive advantage?

Based on the information in the case (and as of the case’s date, 2013)

Does Walmart have a competitive advantage? Temporary CA? Sustainable CA? What changes could be made to develop CA and/or create more sustainable CA? Are there resources Walmart or its competitor’s control that are key to CA? Financial, Physical, Human, and Organizational? Temporary CA? Sustainable CA (VRIO)? How has Walmart’s history shaped its capabilities/resource bundles (Financial, Physical, Human, and Organizational

) How does Walmart’s internal environment drive its strategic and tactical decisions at the organizational and divisional levels (as highlighted in the case)? Which of Walmart’s capabilities/resources are most important for effective international expansion? What adjustments should Walmart make in altering/acquiring capabilities/resources for particular foreign markets (dependent on the differing strategy/tactics it should deploy in these markets)?

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