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I have been asked by students to clarify the Week 5 Final Assignment directions. I am happy to do so! In past classes I was able to add information directly into the directions. However, since the University revised the course, the Week 5 Assignment is now a “signature assignment”, which means faculty cannot change the grading rubric or the directions. 

Below are the steps involved in a business proposal that includes analyzing the consolidated financial statements, and recommendation of specific actions to leadership based on your findings.

I am also attaching a APA formatted template for your use.

APA Paper Template NEW.doc

Background of the Assignment: You have been recognized as an expert on financial analysis. As such, you have been hired to conduct a review of a company’s latest consolidated financial statement and make recommendations to leadership based upon your findings.
You will need to research and then choose a health care organization (see list of suggested organizations below), review their latest annual report and identify operational challenges, and opportunities, which entails providing a financial analysis of their financial statements. You should provide the following information on the organization as well as an analysis of the organization’s financial statements to develop a comprehensive business

CONTENT: If you use the underlined headings provided below, they will help you organize your Business Proposal Analysis.

Introduction – Background/History of the Organization:  Include a detailed introduction of the organization you chose. You will need to include the organization’s history, purpose, and identify the service or product they offer (This information is normally found in the annual report).
Operational Structure:  Identify the structure of the company (Sole-proprietorship, Corporation, Partnership, etc.). Include a definition of the type of structure. (This information is normally found on the SEC website).
Financial Analysis and Stability:  Discuss the purpose of a financial analysis. Identify the steps required in performing a financial analysis. Include information on the organization’s assessment of their current financial stability (This information is normally found in the annual report and via the SEC website). You can review the textbook and read about “Vertical and Horizontal Analysis”. You can include information about the differences between a vertical and horizontal analysis. Include actions the organization should take if the findings show unexpected differences. The examples always help to convey your statements.
Financial Ratios: Discuss the use of financial ratios, how often organizations assess themselves, and who internally and externally uses the results of the financial ratios to make investment decisions. You should provide two ratio calculations (from the list below) using the organization’s financial statements. In addition, explain what the result of the ratio calculations tells you about the organization’s financial stability.
Conclusion: Discuss the findings from your analysis. Summarize the key points, and state the organization’s financial viability. Make sure to provide a recommendation to leadership on how they can increase their revenue, and reduce their liabilities to remain financially viable in the future.
Citations and References: Make sure to include your Reference Page after the content pages. The references must be in APA format and each of the references listed must be cited in APA format within the text of the document.

Health Care Organizations list (these are just a few suggestions) :
Anthem, CIGNA, CVS, Walgreens, United Healthcare Group, Allergan, Pfizer, Moderna, Merck, Penumbra, Teladoc, Glaukos, Invitae, Biohaven and Zymeworks just to name a few…

Ratio list:
Choose two of the ratios listed below. Then perform a calculation of that ratio using the organization’s financial statements. Make sure to include an explanation of what the result of the calculation means about the organization. Review Week 3 discussion on financial ratios.

  • Current Ratio (Liquidity Ratio)
  • Debt to Asset Ratio (Solvency Ratio)
  • Free Cash Flow (Solvency Ratio)
  • Price Earnings Ratio (Profitability Ratio)
  • Profit Margin Ratio (Profitability Ratio)
  • Return on Total Assets Ratio (Profitability Ratio)
  • Working Capital (Liquidity Ratio)

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