Write a contextual analysis of one painting by Frida Kahlo

For this essay, you will research and write a contextual analysis of one painting by Frida Kahlo that addresses one of the italicized themes above.

Your contextual analysis can be psychological, feminist, historical, political, or cultural. (If you prefer to write about her somewhat eccentric style and its impact on fashion and pop culture, please come and talk to me; we will adapt the assignment—you will be writing a cultural analysis)


Choose the theme and the painting you will write about. Identify a specific research topic. We will discuss the Frida Kahlo’s life in class. Which more specific research topic relates to the subject matter of your painting? For example, you might need to investigate more personal details about Kahlo’s life and the people she associated with, more specifics about her tumultuous relationship with Rivera, Pre-Colombian art, Mexican culture, her Communist affiliations, etc. Choose only ONE specific topic to research that corresponds directly to the painting you have chosen.

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