Zarate Tech Case Study

Module 6 #2 (Email or meeting request, agenda, outline, etc.) Read the Application 10.4 Case Study: Launching a Virtual Team and complete the assignment at the end. Draft the email or meeting request to your team establishing the project objectives and inviting them to the team launch, which you have decided to hold in person in the Chicago office. Then, establish a 1-page agenda for the meeting and your approach to working as a team. Next, outline what you see as the challenges to this project and some of the best practices in working virtually that you think will help your team get off to a good start. Finally, note the type of interactive tools you will want to include in the team’s shared workspace and why these tools will be helpful. Refer to the rubric for grading details. Meeting invitation basics should include:

Time, date, place Desired meeting outcome/goals Team members’ roles and responsibilities, prep needed Positive ethos Positive language No grammatical and/or spelling errors Organized and readable Agenda basics: Heading Time estimates Topics Person responsible Instructions for post-meeting follow-up

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