A critical, research-informed analysis of the way a grammar feature is

For this assignment I’d like you to choose a commercially available EFL/ESL textbook that could be suitable for your students (or students whose profile you are familiar with) or to choose a textbook that is popular in your own EFL/ESL teaching context. Then choose a certain grammar feature or pattern (this may be the same as for assignment 1) and analyse how this is dealt with in the textbook. Suggestions and examples for this analysis will be given in week 5 of the course. You will be required to add the textbook pages you have analysed in an appendix (or supplementary document). The actual analysis and evaluation should be about 1,000 words. Weighting: 30% Assessment rubric:

1. Breadth of the review: Evidence that various aspects of the treatment given to grammar by the textbook have been reflected about. There are no ‘issues’ that have been overlooked.

2. Accuracy of the analysis: Accurate recognition of the nature of the practices adopted by the textbook and the ‘schools of thought’ underpinning these practices. This automatically includes accurate use of established terminology to talk about L2 (grammar) teaching and learning. 3. Informed critique: Evaluative comments are explicitly supported by the research literature (rather than relying merely on intuition or personal experience

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