A sad moment in your life.

 Topic Ideas  The first time you did something that you didn’t think you could do.  A very difficult work experience.  A funny experience.  A sad moment in your life.  A happy moment in your life.  Telling someone something that wasn’t easy to say. Choose an event.  Test your choice. Ask others if they want to read your story. Does it sound like an engaging story?  Describe the scene.  Recall key people.  Include dialogue in your story and format it correctly. You should have new paragraphs for new speakers, quotation marks around words that were said, periods inside quotation marks, and commas after dialogue tags that introduce the dialogue. Remember that dialogue is conversation between two or more people.  Tell what happened.  Reflect on the event’s significance.  Include subtitles before each paragraph to show organization of paragraphs. A subtitle is just a mini title for that paragraph. What is that paragraph about? This is a great way to check that your paragraphs are cohesive: about one thing. In most academic writing you will not be asked to include subtitles for your paper, but  do it for this essay as a writing activity that checks for paragraph cohesion.

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