Final Recommendation Paper: Why does this issue matter and what are

For all our advances, the world we live in today is deeply flawed. And while the government and corporations seek to address some of these issues, the fact is they can’t do it on their own. In fact, some of the solutions we come up with today (off-shore drilling, stimulus checks, etc.) could actually have profoundly negative impacts on the world that your generation will inherit. But just because you’re still in school doesn’t mean that you have no voice; you can make a difference today. Your final paper will be a 5-page recommendation paper (plus a bibliography with at least 4 sources – total of 6 pages) in which you address the question below. What is one issue facing the world you live in that you’d like to change? Why does this issue matter and what are some tangible ways that you (and those you persuade to join you) could go about making a difference?

This doesn’t have to be a global issue; you can choose an issue here at VU, or in Orange County if you like. Clearly identify & specify the problem that needs to be solved, describe a specific plan to this problem, and argue why your recommended solution would work better than other solutions out there. If helpful, you may refer to the Opposing Viewpoints database ( for an international list of problems & controversies.

In your solution/recommendation, you may include resources available on the VUSC campus (such as students and faculty, Outreach Ministries, and such). Examples of Grassroots Projects Initiated by University Students: Krochet Kids by VUSC students ( Poetry for the People @ Berkeley (

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