Groups and Politics: Determine what influence groups and politics will

In this assignment, you will determine what influence groups and politics will have over your change initiative. Consider what individuals or business units would be considered “principal agents” of political influence, and identify strategies you will employ to establish buy-in and support for your change initiative.

Following the IRP assignment guidelines, complete an assessment of how your organization works in groups, who the main centers of political influence are, and how you plan to overcome potential challenges with these individuals. Be sure to detail key players in the final delivery of your initiative, consider their wants and needs, and anticipate their counterstrategies to either support or challenge your change initiative. Also, detail the methods you will use to establish buy-in and support effective teamwork. •Provide evidence to support any statements you make •Be 5-6 pages (excluding cover page, attachments, list of references, etc.) •Use 12 point font, double spaced •Adhere to the most recent APA Publication Manual guidelines

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