Links to an external site. What type of speech 

 Links to an external site.  

  • What type of speech is this (informative or persuasive)?

 The Speech I chose today is a Persuasive Speech

  • What’s the main difference between an informative and persuasive speech?

 The difference between an informative and persuasive speech is that  an informative speech aims to inform the audience about a specific  topic. On the other hand, the persuasive speech aims to persuade  the audience to perform a certain action or convince the audience to  adopt the belief or opinion of the speaker. (May, A. (n.d.).)

  • Using some of the evaluation areas listed above, provide at least 3 pieces of constructive feedback for the presenter.


Dressed appropriately for a formal presentation
Eye Contact
Tone – Conversational
Tone/Energy/Enthusiasm for topic
Knew topic well/freedom from notes
Visual Aid


Started with an attention getter
Introduced topic and previewed the key ideas
Key ideas were well organized/used transition statements between key ideas
Wording of Presentation
Conclusion – Summarize Key Ideas
Cited two sources within the presentation
Background Elements
So for the first thing I was wanting to give constructive feedback on was the speakers Visual Aids.
The visual Aid, which was a PowerPoint and Graphs looked good  and fit well with his topic. He had great pictures and they all had  good information on them supporting his topic.
The second part of the constructive criticism would be that  The Key Ideas were well organized. He knew exactly what he was talking  about and gave excellent numbers to support why social media is a big  problem. Background elements were not of any distraction. I paid  attention to the speaker the whole speech.
The last part would have to be that I think the speaker did  an amazing part at all aspects of his speech. My one major gripe would  be that he worded it as a Persuasive Speech which I think everything he  presented make the speech be more informative than persuasive. I would  add more persuasive material to the speech and feed from that  information. I wasnt persuaded as to why I should use social media less.  I was more informed on the numbers of why that generation is lonely.  Overall great presentation and visual aids to go with it.
May, A. (n.d.). Resources: UAF speaking center: UAF communication center.  Resources | UAF Speaking Center | UAF Communication Center. Retrieved  November 28, 2022, from

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