Investigative Strategy Report’: Critically evaluates both the evidence

Based on a given learning scenario you will produce an ‘Investigative Strategy Report’ in order to bring the investigation to a conclusion. Your strategy must be lawful and ethical and should be underpinned by a professionally recognised framework of investigation. It must also reflect ‘real-world’ political, social, legal, organisational, and ethical issues and financial constraints.

Assessment criteria:

This assignment requires you to evaluate all available evidence and consider the appropriate actions to take in order to support the given investigation. Using this information, you must produce a fully-referenced and coherently argued report that:

Summarises the background to the investigation;

Critically evaluates both the evidence available to you and its probative value; Identifies the further evidence required; Formulates alternative hypotheses but selects the hypothesis that in your view provides the most balanced and objective evaluation of the evidence and justifies that choice; Identifies relevant political, social, legal, organisational, and ethical issues and constraints in the form of a risk assessment; and Provides a fully worked-out strategy that will bring the investigation to a conclusion.

Artefact 1: Operation Lark case study On 31/10/2018, the police control room have received a call from a staff nurse at the Emergency Department about a young male being brought in to hospital by ambulance and failing to respond to resuscitation.

The local police are investigating; you are the duty Major Crime SIO, who have been appointed to lead the enquiry. The post mortem examination revealed that the young male’s cause of death was severe fatal blood loss due to stabbing in the abdomen by a third party. The young black male has been the victim of a sustained violent attack with at least one sharp bladed instrument such as a knife. The deepest stab wound pierced his abdominal wall causing severe internal bleeding

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