Laws Impacting Health Practices

Description Objectives Identify key legislative bodies of health care at the local, state, and federal levels Explain the effects of local, state, and federal legislation and regulations on the health care setting Describe how health care professionals are impacted by the legal system Assignment Overview In this presentation assignment, you will explore health-care regulations and identify how health-care laws affect both your career and patients. Deliverables A five- to eight-slide presentation Step 1 Research a federal, a state, and a local regulation that impacts the health-care system.,Using course materials or the Internet, research a federal, a state, and a local health-care regulation that are each pertinent to your area of study. Step 2 Create a slide presentation. In a five-to eight-slide presentation, illustrate a health-care regulation for each of the federal, state, and local levels and address the following: The purpose of each regulation. The key legislative bodies of health care that are involved with each regulation and the role of these legislative bodies as related to the law/regulation. The impact of each regulation on the local level, for both health-care professionals and their patients. Include the following in your presentation: Graphics, images, and descriptive text to explain concepts. Detailed speaker notes to further explain information on each slide. This should be a text version of what you might say in a live presentation. Be sure to provide citations for any sources used.

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