The 6 Principles of Influence

You are to prepare a written submission (maximum 5 double spaced pages, with 1 inch margins all around and 12 point font – not including appendices).The 5 page written submission is due in the Turnitin drop box on the course Blackboard website by 10am on the due date in your outline. A hard copy will be delivered to the Instructor at the beginning of class.1.(35%) Describe the particular ONE principle of persuasion discussed in yourselected chapter. How does it work? Why does it work? Please use your own words and not quotes from the book to describe the principle. 2. (25%) Summarize and critically evaluate the strength of the evidence Cialdiniprovides for the power and veracity of this principle at work. In particular, when you consider the examples and proofs Cialdini presents, are you persuaded that this principle operates or can operate in today’s consumer settings? Use concepts covered in this course (such as motivation, values, social influence, perception, learning) to justify your answer. 2.(40%) Provide and critically discuss one current or recent (no more than one-year old) marketplace persuasion example (can be for-profit or non-profit, but not an example from any of your textbooks!) that uses this particular influence principle. Your example can be an advertisement (TV, radio, print, on-line), a direct mail campaign, a social media campaign, a viral marketing campaign, a gorilla marketing campaign, a sales force strategy, or an entire promotional strategy – describe the example in enough detail for the reader to understand the example. Discuss how the principle is being used and the extent to which it is likely to be successful, and why. Use your understanding of consumer behaviour (in other words, concepts from this course and your CB textbook) to justify and defend

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